How to Choose What Pond Is Right for You

Do you enjoy living near water, but are stuck in a landlocked state? An easy way to achieve living near water is to have a pond. Ponds are highly personalizable. You can make it naturalistic, fanciful, or gaudy; whatever most suits your taste. However, you have to keep in mind what feeling you want to achieve when you create your ideal pond.


Naturalistic Ponds

If you love nature and the simple beauty of water, you should opt for a natural pond. You can have fish or plants in your pond that can help to keep your pond healthy. If

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3 Tips for Boaters

Boating is a lifestyle. Whether you are new to the scene or have been around a while, you are aware of just how many nuances are involved with maintaining and personalizing your boat. Here are a few tips to motivate and inspire you to keep getting out on the water and enjoying your craft.

Customize It

A lot of navigators purchase their boats second hand because used ones tend to work great for the price. If you are venturing out on the water with a pre-owned boat, you probably did not get to customize it at first. Well, now is

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Basics of Railway Air Brakes

Railroads are the backbone of the United States, moving goods and people across the country, freeing up road congestion and hauling things too heavy or toxic for semi-trucks to handle. Millions of tons of freight are on the railways at any given time, managed by complex systems of personnel and technology consistently improved since the first steam locomotives were invented in the early 1800s. The braking systems of these massive diesel-powered trains rely on air pressure to stop loads weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds, but how do they really work?


Where Does the Air Come From?

Air brakes

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