Give Your Giving Room a Facelift

Your great room is likely the first area that guests enter as they come into your home. Think about how yours stacks up. Are you proud of it? Does it give others a good first impression? Does it make people feel comfortable? If the answer to any of these questions is no, you might want to think about making a few changes. Consider implementing a couple of these ideas.


Light it Up

Changing your lighting can change the way your room looks. Instead of overhead ambient lighting, consider a few lamps that can add some atmosphere and light up the dark areas in the room. Up lights can be a good choice to bring a warm glow to dim corners or to highlight a piece of artwork. Light the insides of cabinets to illuminate a collection or display.

Treat the Floors

Lay tile or refinish wood floors, even changing the color if desired. This can be especially rejuvenating to the floors if you have a pet that has scratched them. Visit a rug store in Atlanta GA and look at some area rugs. Choose one large enough to extend under the legs of furniture so the room doesn’t look like it is floating. A new rug can serve as the focal point and the other choices you make can be selected to coordinate.

Consider Slip Covers

The furniture can make or break a room, but it may not be necessary to buy new pieces. If your sofa has good bones and the foam cushion is still firm, a slipcover could do the trick. You can find stretchy pullover styles, but they won’t do much for your room. Opt for nicer fabrics in a more tailored style to give a new appearance to your furniture.

You may also wish to paint the room to kick things off and provide a blank palette to start with. A few simple changes will give your room the facelift it deserves and could change the feel of your whole home.