How to get rid of clogged drainage in simple ways?


Clogged or blocked drainage problems are one of the most common problems that people face. No matter how many precautions you take, you are going to face this issue every now and then. Now one cannot always call up a plumber for these little issues. They can come at the most unexpected of times and hence it is better that people are readily prepared to deal with this, rather than relying on someone. In case they are not dealt with at the initial stage, they can cause some serious damages in the years to come. You can always find a blocked drain plumber in Sydney for your drainage issues.

If the drainage is not treated at its start it can cause the water to leak out from different sources such as the drainage. This can inevitably damage the house furniture and lodgings. In addition to this, blockages for longer periods can also cause the pipes to burst off in several places. Hence, if not dealt initially, the blockages can cause much more heavy costs for the recovery. Here are some of the ways through which people can get rid of blocked drainage;

  1. Pouring the drainage with boiling water: One of the most simplest ways to get rid of the clogged drains is through boiling water. Just heat up the water to the boiling point and pour them down to the drain. If you have caught this up in the earlier stages, then boiling water would probably do the job with ease. One of the things that people should realize in this case is not to use the boiling water on metal pipes. This is because the PVC pipes tend to get expanded with the heat and this might cause the joints to loosen up causing major problems later on.
  2. Using a Plunger: Although some people might say that plunger is only used for recovery of clogged toilets, but it can be used for other purposes too. A plunger can also get the drainage problem solved if used effectively. Make sure to cover out the drainage completely in order to ensure that it is done in one go. The constant forward and backward push in to the plunger can loosen the blockage. For all the solid clogged drainage, plunger is the best way to go.
  3. Bent wire hanger: Some people might say that this is a rather straight forward tool with no real benefit, but this is not the case. You can use a simple wired hanger and try to straighten it down. Just make sure to leave one end of the wire in the shape of a hook. This is to make sure that it reaches to the main end of the drainage to clear up all the drainage issues.
  4. Soda and Vinegar: The ideal recipe to clogging drainage is through the mixing of baking soda and vinegar. Take ½ a cup of vinegar and baking soda, and immediately pour it down the blocked drain. The chemical reaction can assist in removing all the junk from the drainage system.