So you’d like to do something fancy for your backyard, but you’re intimidated by big projects like adding a pool. A deck would be nice, but once you get to researching stains and finishes and adjustable deck supports and balusters and what-all, you feel like you might be in a little bit over your head. While you go through the time and preparation it’ll take to make major improvements, get your confidence up by executing some small fun changes that will make you feel all handy and competent.


Let There Be Light

Scatter some solar lighting around your yard, planting some in grass and stringing more in trees and bushes. There’s no cord to plug in, and if they don’t work, you can blame it on the weather. If you do have an outdoor outlet, drag some Christmas lights from the attic and deck your patio for a festive look year-round.

Made in the Shade

Got one tree? Hang a hummingbird feeder to provide some daytime entertainment and also give you some caring-for-the-animals cred. Got two trees? Hang a hammock between them to give yourself a new way to enjoy nature and a nap. Got no trees? Your hammock dreams can still come true with a freestanding model, but look for one that comes with some overhead coverage if you don’t want to roast while you relax.

Keeping Your Seat

How long have those sad faded cushions been hanging out on your outdoor furniture? Have birds raided them for nest material by now? Invest in some new seat bases and backs to immediately brighten your patio or lawn presentation and offer seating people will want to actually sit on.

It doesn’t take much to give your yard a facelift. And the more you’re able to spend pleasant time in your yard, the more motivated you may finally be to make those bigger projects a reality.