Take a look back at your bedroom, living room, lounge, and kitchen. What the hell is causing it to look cramped? The main one is definitely a pile of goods. The problem. letting things stack up even to fill the room and making it look like a broken ship will increase the stress-causing hormone cortisol. Instead of feeling at home, you are even lazy to be at home. The following are tips for sorting and removing items from every room in your home.


First, take two boxes to sort the items in your bedroom. The first box is to be stored and the second box is to be removed. Begin to choose items in the closet. If there are clothes that have not been worn for more than a year, you must put them in a box that will be removed. Clothes that are too big or too small should also be removed. No need to make excuses maybe later my weight will decrease or stretch, because usually it rarely happens. In the end you even buy new clothes. Second, not only clothes, you also have to pay attention to the pile of bags. No need to keep old bags that you used to want to repair. If indeed you have already bought a replacement, it means the old item must be removed, right. Finally, get rid of the empty perfume bottles — usually you still keep them, here — and you can also sell them to a flea vendor. Believe me, you don’t need that perfume bottle.


First, any kitchen appliance has its age. Get rid of plastic spoons, rice spoons, plastic spatulas, wooden spatulas, cutting boards, and knives that are more than two years old and look worn. Besides being dirty and risking damaging your food nutrition, storing used goods in the kitchen instead becomes a den for ants and cockroaches. Second, check the storage of packaged foods, including herbs. Do not store spices that are more than two months old. Not only does it cause unpleasant odors, expired kitchen ingredients also invite bacteria.

Living room and TV room

The first step is to store an empty jar on the guest table. Keep it back in the storage cupboard – clean and wash it first. Second, do not place items unrelated to the living room and lounge in both rooms. For example, you put work files, laptops, and jackets on the couch. Put the item according to its place, for example, the jacket must be hung, laptop and file placed on the work table. Putting things out of place will make the room feel crowded.