Tips for Choosing Furniture for a Minimalist Home

Choosing furniture is not an easy matter. The reason is, if you buy according to your taste, but apparently not in harmony with the concept of the house, it will look bad. So, what is it like if we want to buy furniture for a minimalist home? The choice of furniture itself must be balanced with a size that suits the minimalist home. The selection of furniture with a minimalist home makes the room more comfortable and looks well ordered.

Each furniture has a practical and aesthetic function. Practical functions related to the use of furniture for the room. Meanwhile, the aesthetic function is related to the extent to which a furniture is able to “support” the beauty of the dwelling. Quoting Zen Habits, a house with a minimalist flow has benefits for its residents. First, occupant stress levels are reduced. Stress can be triggered from visual ‘disturbances’. Houses with minimalism certainly do not cause visual disturbances such as many colors, patterns. Minimalist house soothing.

Other benefits are more attractive, not messy, and easy to clean. Of course to avoid visual disturbances, it’s a mess, so in terms of furniture, you have to be picky too. Here are five tips for choosing furniture for a minimalist home. Here are tips on choosing the right furniture for your minimalist home

Multi function

According to freelance architect, for minimalist home furniture as much as possible maximized function or usefulness. Storage tables, multi functional chairs, the right size furniture, not too many frills carved, and ergonomic.

Choose a solid color, in line with space

Bright colors like white and neutral, gray and pastel are intrinsic to a minimalist home. Although you can add brighter colors, it is recommended that you continue to use just one or two colors. Freelance art director and photographer based in Stockholm, Sara Medina, gave her tips for getting the right minimalist texture. “If you mix too many textures, ingredients, and surfaces of all different colors, the result will definitely cause headaches.”
“If you have a white base, then choose the same beige, gray, and brown colors or whatever color you will see together in nature. Generally, colors that blend well are those intended by Mother Nature,” Medina continued.

Choose quality

To realize a house with a minimalist flow, you need to emphasize the principle of buying quality beyond quantity. So that, choose a furniture that is durable and the model is timeless. Choose furniture that is well made and will last when used everyday.

Choose according to essence

Remember furniture selection that is only important. Ask yourself, if the item is really important. If you can live without it, then don’t buy it. Minimalist house will only contain some important furniture. A living room, for example, might only have a sofa, coffee table, television and a few lights. Can even contain less furniture. The bedroom might have a simple bed (or even just a mattress), a dressing table, and maybe a bookshelf or cupboard.