Tips for keeping your lawn happy and healthy

Keeping your lawn happy and healthy is one of the most important activities in the garden. A dead or damaged lawn can give the entire garden a dreary look. Therefore, it is important to care for your lawn as if it was your own child. Can your lawn use a little bit of love? Read in this article how to keep your lawn green and healthy.

Mow your lawn regularly

Mowing your lawn is one of the best things you can do in order to keep your lawn healthy. Keep in mind that it is important not to mow the lawn too short. Generally, the grass should be about 5 cm tall. In wet seasons the lawn might grow faster than in the dry season. Even though your grass might be taller than the suggested 5 cm, it is not advisable to mow the lawn when the grass is wet. When mowing the grass while the ground is wet, it might be seriously damaged. The roots of the grass can easily be pulled from the ground in this situation and it is therefore much better to leave the grass untouched. Also, when you use a mowing machine, wet grass and lumps of soil might get stuck and break your lawnmower.

Keep your lawn free of weed, leaves, and branches

Whenever you see weed growing on your lawn, it is important to remove it immediately. Some weeds, such as dandelions, spread rapidly covering the lawn in weed within a short time. Also, leaves and branches must be removed immediately. These materials are a perfect substrate for the development of fungi, which might infect your garden. Furthermore, leaves and branches keep the sunlight from reaching the grass, which might cause dead spots. Do you already have dead spots on your lawn? Do not worry: this problem is easily solved with special lawn feed, which can be purchased in gardening stores or online.

Nurture your lawn

Your garden is a living organism that needs to be fed and cared for. The best way to keep your garden healthy and fresh is to nurture it with grass seed. Grass seed contains all the nutrients that your lawn needs, to keep growing and to be strong and healthy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use grass seed at least twice a year. In the winter, the lawn needs an additional layer of calcium, which keeps the acidity of your grass at the right level. This prevents damage, dead spots and the development of moss on your lawn.