There are many types of wine glasses on the market made of different materials and designs to ensure that something suits everyone’s budget. However, plastic wine glasses are a form of cheap wine glasses the UK offers. So purchase the perfect wine to fill your plastic wine glass.

The different types of shapes of wine glasses.

There are eight main types of wine glasses. Red wine glasses consist of a large and wide variety of glass that helps keep red wine oxidated correctly. If one wants to enjoy a more aged and rich-in-flavour red wine, then choosing the goblet-styled wine glass will be a good choice. The goblet glass is an oversized red wine glass with a shorter stern. Alternatively, choosing a taller glass with a smaller bowl is meant to be used if one is a white wine drinker. Stemless wine glasses are an alternative to the typical stemmed wine glass. The stemless wine glass is growing in popularity due to its durability and the fact it is more comfortable for many to hold. Finally, a tulip glass is another type of wine glass that one can purchase. The shape of the bowl represents the tulip flower, starting narrow than a slightly wider bowl and ending with a thin rim.

Sparkling wines should be served in a flute glass. The narrowness of this glass helps keep bubbles in the wine. The last two wine glasses available are the coupe and dessert wine glasses. The coupe is a shallow bowl with a short stem, and the dessert wine is a shorter stem.

The pros and cons of using plastic wine glasses.

Wine glasses made of glass or crystal glass are more expensive, so try to look for some plastic wine glasses to mimic the different wine glass shapes. One of the first advantages of using plastic wine glasses is that it allows one to save more money and cuts costs. In addition, since one is spending less per wine glass, one will be able to purchase more than one type of glass, so one will have a variety of glasses to match any kind of wine. Furthermore, plastic wine glasses are more durable as they do not break easily. Because of this, people serving wine in plastic glasses appear more relaxed. Should something happen to one or two of the plastic glasses, due to the fact it is cheaper, one can replace them much more easily. Plastic wine glasses are also typically coloured or have some interesting designs so that they can speak to that artistic side of one. On the other hand, using plastic glasses has a better aesthetic appeal than glass wine glasses. Moreover, they are less durable because they can get scratched and cloudy after a few uses.

Fill up that glass and enjoy your wine!

There are many advantages of plastic wine glasses. If you are concerned about what to purchase, start with a simple plastic wine glass design, and then decide if you want to build your collection of wine glasses in plastic or glass!