Are you thinking about starting your own fruit producing garden? More of us than ever before would like to have at least one fruit tree in our garden. Not only does fruit have many health benefits. Growing fruit trees in our gardens will also help to cut down on carbon in the atmosphere and make your local environment cleaner.

Where Can I Buy A Fruit Tree?

Of course, you can pop down to your local garden centre and buy a fruit tree. Popular trees to grow for fruit include apple. Apple trees for sale are available almost anywhere. But, you want more of a selection than your local garden centre has to offer, it is a good idea to shop for trees online.

When you shop for fruit trees online, the world is your oyster. Many of the old British varieties of apple trees or cherry trees are only available online.

Another advantage of buy from an online seller is that your tree is more likely to have been grown in the UK. Unknown to most newbie gardeners is the fact that many of the plants found in garden centres are imported from abroad.

Support British Growers

Not only will you support British growers when you search for apple trees for sale online. You will probably also help to preserve some of the new unique varieties of apples that are only found in the UK.

Sadly, it is not traditional British varieties of apples that are falling by the wayside thanks to the upsurge in cheap imported trees from abroad. Many other fruits such as pears and even cherries are lost simply because we don’t grow them.

Are British Apples Good?

Even visitors to the UK say that British apples taste better than other species of apple from abroad. British apples have a depth of flavour that is often lacking when it comes to imported apples. That is why cider is made in the UK.

Most of the cider that is manufactured in the UK is indeed made with apples from traditional British apple tree varieties. As you may have noticed, the Swedes have recently started to produce cider. Swedish cider is beginning to make a bit of a name for itself. Interestingly enough, Swedish cider is produced using British apple varieties.

It is time we started to look after our apples and sourced our trees locally. Buying any kind of a fruit tree has never been easier thanks to the Internet.