Once summer arrives, you end up spending a greater amount of time in the outdoor areas. That also increases the importance of having great landscaping on your property. However, it is necessary that you start planning for it towards the end of winter itself.

Choose a reputed landscaping company to finalize the design for outdoor features like a patio, an outdoor kitchen, and retaining walls. By the time summer arrives, your outdoor spaces are ready for you to enjoy and plan various activities. If you fail to plan in advance it will only mean you end up supervising the outdoor construction rather than actually using these areas when the weather improves.

Plan And Work On Your Planting Schedules

You must make the best of your planting window. You can opt to hire a landscaping company to help you choose plants and find the correct timing to install them. What you need to remember is that each plant, tree and shrub has its unique features when it comes to the soil they need and when they need to be planted etc. Give your landscape the attention and care it deserves. Planning your landscape during spring will help ensure that the outdoor areas on your property are well set by the time summer comes around.

Hardscape Installations

With hardscape construction, the rule of thumb is to inspect the ground. If it isn’t frozen, you are free to work. By late fall, most of the outdoor activities are over, leaving you free to launch your hardscape project. You can start work on a new patio too. Walkways and entryways are ideal small hardscape projects for early spring. Whatever hardscape project you undertake before the warm season, aim at getting the most from your outdoor spaces.

Timing Is Important For Planting Installations

Are you looking for the best time to install trees and shrubs? Fall is a good time for the plants to get established because they get cool air and more moisture during mid-September to early December. Timing is an important factor in your success of landscape installation, but it is equally important to know which plants to choose for your landscape.

For example, you should never entertain a thought of planting a maple tree in any other season than spring or early fall. It’s the same with other flowering trees like Hostas. Springtime is more suitable for perennials and annuals.

The fall climate is ideal for plants, shrubs and trees to take root properly and become established well by springtime. You must understand that correct planting and watering are necessary factors in the proper growth of all plants. Some perennials that are divided and replanted during fall tend to flourish well and produce excellent blooms.

Growing A New Lawn

Like many trees and shrubs, a healthy new lawn also benefits from cool air and more. Therefore, it is better to install a lawn in the fall or springtime when these weather conditions are present. New lawn installation is not encouraged in the summer (though it can be done), because a lawn requires plenty of water and abundant care when the weather is hot.

Drainage issues can occur at any time. But as a precaution, it is better to handle these when it is easier to dig. As you can see, there are a number of aspects that need to be kept in view while planning a landscape, and now is the perfect time to do it. Hire the services of skilled and experienced landscapers for the job as they will help you make good plant choices and with the overall planning as well.