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5 Top Fishing Spots in Canada

With the longest coastline in the world and tens of thousands of lakes, Canada has a lot to offer the fishing enthusiast. Whether you pack up your carp gear Toronto or head north for some ice fishing, you are sure to find a good spot, but the sheer possibilities may be overwhelming. To help make your quest a little easier, here are some of the top Canadian fishing spots from east to west.

1. North Lake

Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Prince Edward Island is the place to go if you’re looking to land the big saltwater fish, such as shark or mackerel. North Lake specifically is known as the “Tuna Capital of the World,” and if you have three hours or so to spend in combat with a fish, you may emerge victorious from battle by landing a 600- to 1,200-pound bluefin.

2. Lake of the Woods

Situated in Ontario, Lake of the Woods is highly regarded as one of the best fisheries not only in Canada but on the entire North American continent. The fishing on Lake of the Woods is good all year long due to the diverse ecosystem, the thousands of miles of shoreline, and the thick layer of ice that forms around mid-December.

3. Lake Diefenbaker

Though Saskatchewan’s Lake Diefenbaker is an artificial lake, the quality of the fishing there is an act of serendipity. A large number of rainbow trout ended up in the lake approximately 10 years ago after escaping from a nearby fish farm. The largest rainbow trout ever caught, weighing in at a record 48 pounds, came out of Lake Diefenbaker. However, the days of potentially breaking the record are numbered because the rainbow trout in Lake Diefenbaker cannot breed.

4. Yellowknife

People who are serious about ice fishing may want

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How to Choose What Pond Is Right for You

Do you enjoy living near water, but are stuck in a landlocked state? An easy way to achieve living near water is to have a pond. Ponds are highly personalizable. You can make it naturalistic, fanciful, or gaudy; whatever most suits your taste. However, you have to keep in mind what feeling you want to achieve when you create your ideal pond.

Naturalistic Ponds

If you love nature and the simple beauty of water, you should opt for a natural pond. You can have fish or plants in your pond that can help to keep your pond healthy. If you have rivers or natural ponds in your region, you should consider putting those kinds of fish in your pond. Pond management is an often overlooked part of owning a pond, but certain fish and plants help to keep the water oxygenated and clear. This is the best option if you want an area of peace and tranquility.

Fanciful Ponds

In order to create a pond that brings creativity and wonder, you should bring art into it. Whether you hire a pond designer or you bring literal sculptures and water features into your pond, these things should be exciting and interesting to you. Drawing and photography can help induce creativity, so if you create a pond that you find interesting enough to inspire a drawing or photograph, you have effectively created your own fanciful pond. To keep your creativity alive, you may even opt for changing out the sculptures or art in or around your pond. This can spark inspiration and keep your pond new and exciting.

Gaudy Ponds

To create a pond that is over the top, beautiful, and expensive, you need to hire a pond designer and decorator. You can create a unique, customized shape and choose exactly what

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3 Tips for Boaters

Boating is a lifestyle. Whether you are new to the scene or have been around a while, you are aware of just how many nuances are involved with maintaining and personalizing your boat. Here are a few tips to motivate and inspire you to keep getting out on the water and enjoying your craft.

Customize It

A lot of navigators purchase their boats second hand because used ones tend to work great for the price. If you are venturing out on the water with a pre-owned boat, you probably did not get to customize it at first. Well, now is your chance.

There are plenty of ways you can go about this. You can rename your boat something personal and fun, you can repaint it using marine paint supplies or you can even update the interior. Did your used boat come with a leather interior, but you prefer pleather or faux leather? Find someone in your area who can recover the interior and then get back out on the water knowing that your personalized craft represents you even more now. The possibilities are exciting, and you might find yourself geeking out over all the potential options for the customization of your boat.

Pay Attention

Everyone knows the sinking feeling you get when you realize you have become lost. When you get that sensation on your boat out on the water, it is exponentially worse. There are measures you can take to make sure that never happens to you. If you are going on a longer boating journey than normal, fill up your gas tank before leaving. Make sure your GPS system is always working and keep some waterproof maps of the area stored near the wheel just in case.

Get the Good Stuff

At some point or another, you may

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